I am a choreographer, production manager, and dancer, married to an interior designer/lawyer-turned-teacher. My wife and I live in New York City but our busy lives take us and our children to locations throughout the world. It is not unusual for my wife and me to be on different continents at any point in time. So for business and personal reasons we rely heavily on our multiple communication devices—laptops, tablets, and iPads.

Whether working on a beach in Portugal, in a café in Paris, or on a commuter train to Long Island, I want and need privacy, security, and exceptional visual quality. Those needs were the catalysts for designing and producing the Coolshield Visor.

Lightweight, elegant, and completely portable, the Coolshield Visor helps me work anywhere. It reduces glare and heat gain, increases screen visibility, and gives me privacy in public places. Constructed of fine, durable leathers and suede, the visor is as attractive as it is practical.

My wife and I have a visor for each of our devices, but our many activities often require us to be hands free. And so the Coolshield Backpack was born. Shaped to fit snuggly against the body and designed to comfortably and beautifully hold your essentials, the Coolshield Backpack is our shining accomplishment. The gorgeous saffiano leather  is easy to wipe clean and lined with colorful 100% cotton fabrics, the design is complimented by contrast stitching, secure dual closures, and wide padded shoulder straps.

Every time I step out in public with these accessories people wanted to know where I got them. I am now excited to share these incredible products with the world. I hope they will help you enjoy your work and your devices to the fullest.

–Júlio T. Leitão