Anti Glare Visors | MacBooks


Anti Glare Visor | iPads

The elegantly designed Coolshield anti-glare visor blocks direct sunlight, eliminates reflected light, reduces strain on the eyes, promotes privacy, and prevents heat build-up on your Mac. Available for the 15” and 13” MacBook and the 13”MacBook Air. SHOP

This high quality, all-leather backpack makes it easy to stay connected while looking cool and collected. Carry your laptop and other essentials in a slim, modern profile. Backpack interiors include unique, modern fabric patterns. SHOP

This anti-glare visor for the IPad Pro, Air, and mini means you can enjoy your device to its fullest, wherever you are. The visor also acts as a both a protective case and durable, convenient stand. Available in our highest quality Saffiano leather. SHOP

MacBooks Anti Glare Visor in action

Lightweight, elegant and completely portable, the Coolshield Anti- Glare Visor are easy to assemble with no of special attachments to your MacBook or iPad device.

iPads Anti Glare Visor in action

Reduces glare and heat gain | Increases screen visibility | gives me privacy in public places