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For people who love their Macs!

Screen sleeve protection for your mac!

The Screensleeve

The Screensleeve is designed to fit snugly over the screen of your lap­top or mac­book. Fre­quent fin­ger con­tact with the key­board accu­mu­lates skin oils and grease, often trans­fers to your screen each time you close your com­puter. Made of high qual­ity Ultra­suede®, the Screensleeve pro­tects and reduces dam­age to Mac­Books screen panel while packed in car­ry­ing cases. When closed, any pres­sure placed on the top of the com­puter screen panel can leave an imprint or scratch on the screen’s sur­face. Over time, these blem­ishes become dif­fi­cult to remove from your com­puter screen.